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212. Roman Epics XIX: Virgil’s Aeneid Book 10, or A Study in Scarlet

My professor described this book as “a study in violence,” so… fair warning?

Discussion Prompts

  1. AP Credit: Discuss the deaths in this book as sacrifices for the founding of Rome.
  2. AP Credit: Compare/contrast the events of this book with The Iliad.
  3. Why do you think Fate is more powerful than the gods?
  4. Does Aeneas have a choice? In this book he chooses to listen to the ship mermaids when they tell him to hurry back to the battlefield, but is that really a choice? Would it be possible for him to take any actions that would change his fate?
  5. What do you think of Turnus? Mezentius?
  6. Fathers and sons. Discuss.
  7. We only have two books left. What do you think is going to happen? Why?

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