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Roman Tragedy VIII: Seneca’s Thyestes, or Well, That Explains the Curse

And this is why the House of Atreus can’t have nice things…

Discussion Prompts

  1. AP Credit: Discuss human sacrifice in the family of Tantalus.
  2. Who is the best stoic in this play? Why?
  3. What do you imagine Seneca’s source material might have looked like? How might it have told this story differently?
  4. Why do you think Seneca chose to write such gory tragedies?
  5. Directing questions: staging? dream cast? etc.?

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I have a BA in History and Classical Civilization from Loyola University Chicago and an MPH from Western Michigan University. I've been a geometry teacher, a religion teacher, a writing tutor. I'm a writer, a knitter, a dancer, a singer, an actor. And, yes, for fun I like to reread everything that was assigned while getting my classics degree.

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