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Roman Epics XVI: Virgil’s Aeneid Book 7, or Allecto Runs Free

Juno is furious, and she knows just who to ask for help.

Discussion Prompts
  1. How much free will does Lavinia have? Explain.
  2. Tell this story from Lavinia’s point of view.
  3. Why doesn’t Turnus jump at the chance to fight Aeneas?
  4. Juno or Allecto? Why?
  5. What does this book have to say about fate versus free will?
  6. What other themes stand out to you in this book?

Published by Triumvir Clio

I have a BA in History and Classical Civilization from Loyola University Chicago and an MPH from Western Michigan University. I've been a geometry teacher, a religion teacher, a writing tutor. I'm a writer, a knitter, a dancer, a singer, an actor. And, yes, for fun I like to reread everything that was assigned while getting my classics degree.

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