Greek Epics XII: Iliad Book 11, or You Get an Aristeia and You Get an Aristeia and You Get an Aristeia!

All right, so technically there’s only one aristeia in Book 11, but it feels like there are more than that. For a fun explanation of what an aristeia is, check out this post on Greek Myth Comix.

Discussion Prompts
  1. Who is the nicer guy:  Patroklos or Hektor?  Defend your choice.
  2. I didn’t discuss what Nestor and Patroklos drink in the episode.  It is…  I’m going to try not to judge, so I’ll just ask:  What’s your favorite cheese to grate into your wine?
  3. What do you think of Nestor and his storytelling?  Why do you think he spends so much time speaking of his youth?
  4. What do you think about Hekamede?  We have her name and a bit of her history.  If you were to write a story from her perspective, what would it be like?

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